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Privacy Policy

RallyRoadbooks collects location data to enable the functions of the virtual tripmasters and rally gps computer. It doesn’t share it with third parties without your explicit consent.

RallyRoadbooks collects your Primary Account, to enable the validation of access to the Roadbooks. It doesn’t share it with third parties.

We don’t share your data with third party or any other entities. No data is collected, and only the basic information is gathered – strictly for the function of the app:

  • Location and Precise location: the app uses it to calculate the distance you move, to validate waypoints and to show your speed and heading.
  • Email: so the app knows who you are, and can give you access to your roadbooks, and the roadbooks of the events you’re attending. This information is saved in our server to ensure integrity and to perform risk and fraud analysis.

The event organiser can have access to the GPX recording of your route – to analyse and score your performance. This does not happen without your explicit authorisation – the app will ask you to upload your results. You can opt out.

As a safety measure, some events may have Live Tracking – so the organiser can see where you are in near real time. The app warns you of this, and you can opt out.

If you have any other concern or question about your private data, please contact us at

Terms & Conditions

By accepting this terms you acknowledge that TerraPirata has no responsibility, and can not be accounted for your actions while riding in any of the tracks provided by TerraPirata, nor is liable for any damage to yourself, your property or to any third party. Please ride responsibly and within your capabilities.

Furthermore, you hereby accept to respect the environment by not littering, riding responsibly, avoiding leaving the designated track and respect all legal signs. Be aware of wildlife and livestock, and do your best to minimize the noise and avoid any disturbance.. Be sure to respect the landowners and the pedestrians, as they may share the track.

Should you choose to accept these terms, you also agree to follow these guidelines of conduct:

  1. Use only vehicular rights of way and respect signs
  2. Motorcycles and riders must be road-legal, licensed and insured.
  3. Keep to the defined way across farmland as wheels can damage crops and grass.
  4. Give way to walkers, horses and cyclists by stopping and switching off engines as necessary on narrow trails and slowing down, giving a wide berth and avoiding sending gravel and dust flying on wider ones.
  5. Leave gates as you found them so as to safeguard stock.
  6. Travel at a safe speed taking regard of conditions and visibility.
  7. Ride quietly and use the throttle with discretion as noise does offend.
  8. Do not travel in large groups – six or less is the ideal.
  9. Respect the countryside and those who live, work and play in it.
  10. Remember that trails can be fragile and susceptible to erosion especially when wet.
  11. Acknowledge the presence of other trail users with a friendly wave and a smile.
  12. Ride within your and your bike’s capabilities.