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Designed by FIA/FIM latest spec, you can use our roadbooks to train for a professional (or amateur) Rally event. Get to know the lexicon, improve your navigational skills and get better at reading the roadbook at speed.


The routes often have singletrack sections, or other limitation that makes them suitable ONLY for motorcycles. SSV, unfortunately, are to wide for most of our tracks.


The roadbooks we offer are training tracks, in digital format, that can be accessed with the Rally Roadbooks app. Some routes might intersect private properties and/or natural parks, so it is imperative that the rider obtains the necessary permits/authorisations before entering any restricted area. Terrapirata assumes no responsibility about any consequence of failing to do so, or for any misbehaviour, littering, damage to property, livestock or any other form of unauthorised actions of the riders. Also, local law applies, always remember to respect speed limits and traffic rules in general.

The routes can be dangerous – ride them at your own risk – we assume no responsibility.


NameDistanceNavigation LevelTerrain LevelLoopTerrainLocation
Big Wave Nazaré
(under revision)
160 kmMediumHardMixedLisbon – Nazaré
Rally Margem Sul120 kmHardMediumMostly sandTrafaria – Moita
Rally Margem Sul – The Whoopfest92 kmHardHardYesSand whoopsLisbon South Bay
Rally Margem Norte90 kmHardMediumYesGravel, ruts & hillsLisbon
Rally Vasco da Gama140 kmMediumHardYesGravel, sand and mountainAlcácer do Sal
Wild West100 kmMediumMediumYesGravel, ruts & sandSintra
Unicorn Valley
180 kmMediumEasyYesOpen tracks, bit of sandCoina – Montijo
SW Coastline P1260 kmMediumHardCoastal trails, lots of sandComporta – Sagres
SW Coastline P2270 kmEasyMediumMountain gravel roadsSagres – Comporta
SW Coastline Elite P1 (coming soon)270 kmHardHardSand & MountainComporta – Sagres
SW Coastline Elite P2 (coming soon)270 kmHardHardSand & MountainSagres – Comporta
Baja TP 300320 kmMediumEasyYesOpen tracksCoina
Ribatejo 1295
110 kmEasyEasyYesMixedSalvaterra de Magos
Baja eXremadura
235 kmMediumEasyMixedLisboa – Alcochete

How does it work?

Install the Rally Roadbooks app on your Android powered device (we recommend a rugged tablet) – a small selection of the catalogue is offered free of charge. For all the other Roadbooks, they sell for 6,99€ each – or 62,91€ 49,99€ the whole bundle.

You purchase the roadbooks here, and they will automatically appear on your app 24 hours after the payment get’s cleared.

We accept all major credit cards and payment options.

What’s included?

You’ll be granted access for 3 days for each individual roadbook. For the bundle, you’ll have 12 months to schedule each roadbook: Send us en email requesting scheduling for each one, with a couple of days in advance.

Each roadbook has detailed information about distance, minimum fuel autonomy, fuel stops, start and finish coordinates, last update date and recommended season.

What do I need?

You’ll need a road legal motorcycle with an Android device and a bluetooth remote (or a bluetooth converter). The app has all the instruments built in (Odometers, CAP heading, Rally GPS, Waypoint managemeng, Speedometer, etc).

If you need a bluetooth remote, we made an unbiased comparison of the most popular ones.

You’ll need internet on the device to download the roadbooks. You can do this before hand, in the comfort of your home or hotel, over the wi-fi. No need to get a data plan, as no internet is needed for the actual navigation.

More info

Send us an email if you need any special attention, have any questions or need assistance booking accommodations.

How do I get the app?

Easy! – just follow the link, and install it from the official Google Play Store.