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Bluetooth Remote for Roadbooks

Take Control

Navigate with a digital Roadbook on the tablet of phone is something that everybody can do. If you already know how the basics of roadbook navigation, now is the time to get your hands on a bluetooth remote. But which one?

Based on your needs, this comparison let’s you choose the best remote for you. Doesn’t matter if you’re just curious about the sport or if you’re racing a Rally in Baja California.

Low Cost: Bluetooth Media Remote

Bluetooth Media Remote

All the basic functions needed for RB navigation, runs on batteries but comes without a suitable mount (zipties, anyone?).

  • Uses batteries (lasts about two weeks)
  • Without mount
  • Price range ~20€
  • Available in different colors from different suppliers (search on Amazon)

Popular: Hesa Parts

Hesa Parts
Hesa Parts

A more ergonomic solution, 3D printed in Spain and water resistant, it’s a plug-and-play solution that looks the part. With a dedicated joystick for scrolling, plus 3 buttons.

They offer two models, one with batteries and another with a 12v cable. They differ also in the joystick placement, so choose accordingly.

  • Batteries should last 2 to 5 months (depending on usage)
  • Auto stand-by mode (saves battery life)
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Different colour schemes
  • Integrated mount
  • 3D printed
  • Price range 100€ – 135€
  • Order directly from HesaParts

Customizable: O2RC Slim & Pro

O2RC Slim Carbon 2.0
O2RC Pro

Powered by USB cable or 12v connection, the O2RC remotes don’t need batteries. They’re 3D printed in Spain, water resistant and there are several models to choose from, with different number of buttons and with/without joysticks.

It’s a two component device, meaning that the remote goes on the handlebar, and then connects to a box (called “Board”) that can be strapped onto the nav tower or at the center of the handlebar (or any other place, really). The box has a on/off switch, for added safety.

  • Powered via USB or 12v
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Integrated mount
  • 3D printed in Spain
  • Price range ~120€
  • Order directly from O2Riders

Legacy: F2R Remote + O2RC BOARD

F2R Integrated Remote
O2RC Board

Do you already have your setup for paper roll roadbook? Then keep using your remote, by plugin it in the O2RC Board. It will convert the signal to bluetooth, and connect to your tablet (or smartphone).

With this combo you can switch back and forth between digital and paper, without touching your handlebar setup.

And the O2RC Board powers via 12v – perfect for the “Extra 12v” outlet on the F2R Powerbox.

  • Powered by 12v
  • Board: Water and dust resistant
  • Remote: Water and dust protected (including connectors)
  • Continuous click
  • Integrated handlebar mount, bombproof (used in Dakar)
  • Comes with a on/off switch on the Board
  • O2RC Board: ~90€ + F2R Remote (~110 to ~230€)
  • Order directly from O2Riders and F2R or H3D.

Robust: ARN Remote


Screaming Rally Raid, this standalone bluetooth remote is fully waterproof, sturdy and comes with riding modes and OTA updates, and also – an user manual. Full featured, quick response time and powered via 12v cable. It can stand out a little bit on the handlebar on enduro setups, but installs very flush on adventure motorcycles.

  • Powered via 12v (also works with 5v)
  • Fully waterproof
  • Continuous scroll
  • Over-The-Air firmware updates
  • Dedicated modes for Roadbook, Maps (ex: Osmand) and Music
  • Price range 120-180€
  • Pro version available (even more robust)
  • Analog-to-Bluetooth box available (to use with analog remotes)
  • Order directly from ARN Rally


Ordered by price range

BrandIPxPowerIntegrated MountContinuous ClickSwitch On/OffAuto SuspendPrice Range
Media Remote
Batteries15 min~30€
Hesa PartsWater ResistantBatteries or 12vyesyes
(12v version)
15 min100-135€
O2RCWater Resistant12v or USByesyes~120€
O2RC Board +
F2R Remote
Water Resistant12v or USByesyesyes110-230€
ARN Rally
Updated July 2023


Choosing a bluetooth remote depends a lot on the intended use. If you just want to try out Rally navigation, the low cost solution is a good choice. You just need to figure out how to attach it to the handlebar.

For a exclusive digital usage, both Hesa Parts and O2RC have you covered. If you consider a more frequent usage, changing batteries will become bothersome. Also, the ARN’s come into picture, as you can justify a higher price for the added reliability of IP67.

For all the paper old school riders, the O2RC Board it’s a great way to quickly interchange between paper and digital, whiling keeping the same remote you already have. ARN now offers a similar solution, with their own version of the Board (called ARN Box).

Rally on!


We are NOT affiliated in any form with any of the before mentioned brands or products.